A world in which we rediscover nature’s solutions to our health challenges.


We produce the finest mineral hydrosols and natural health products as the first line of defense in the journey to health sovereignty.

Guiding Principles


We conduct ourselves with the highest standards, in the way we produce our product and in the way we relate to each other, our customers, our suppliers and our community.

Exceptional Quality

We are committed to producing only the purest, safest, and most efficacious products possible, compromising nothing in the process.

Honoring Mother Nature

All the answers exist in nature, which we strive to respect, learn from and care for in everything we do.

Customer Care

We concentrate on understanding our customers’ needs and helping them make informed decisions concerning their health and well-being.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for perfection in every aspect of our company through the ongoing evaluation and refinement of our quality systems.

Real Science and Knowledge

By conducting extensive scientific analyses in partnership with industry leaders and experts, we seek to maximize our understanding of colloidal science and bio-energetics, and their applications, and to share this knowledge with our customers.

Regulatory Compliance

We respect and fully comply with all local, national and international regulatory standards governing the manufacture of dietary supplements, cosmetics and OTC pharmaceuticals.

Health Freedom

We believe in the individual’s right to choose the products and methods that they feel are appropriate for their own treatment, or for treating their families, and especially to have access to truthful information on alternative and traditional remedies, as well as to ensure the availability of natural products without requiring the same regulation as drug products.

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